GES 2017: Ivanka Trump’s Speech Full Text – Hyderabad Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Ivanka Trumps Speech in Hyderabad: Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser to the president of the United States, Donald Trump, was launched today to access equity and fair laws for women entrepreneurs, saying that closing the gender business gap could increase world GDP by up to 2% . percent. He highlighted the importance of women entrepreneurs, among other issues.

Full text of Ivanka Trumps Speech in Hyderabad:

World Summit on Entrepreneurship Remarks by Ms. Ivanka Trump, Adviser to the President November 28, 2017, Hyderabad International Convention Center (as prepared).

Thank you, Chief Minister Rao, for that kind presentation.

On behalf of the United States and the other 150 countries represented in this room, thank you very much for organizing the Global Entrepreneurs Summit here in Hyderabad, a city that is rapidly emerging as the center of innovation in India.

And thank you, Prime Minister Modi, for joining us here today, and for all you are doing to build India as a prosperous economy, a beacon of democracy and a symbol of hope for the world.

What you are achieving is truly extraordinary.

From his childhood selling tea to his election as prime minister of India, he has shown that transformational change is possible. And now he’s taking that promise to hundreds of millions of people throughout his country. Thank you.

To the people of India, I want to congratulate you as you celebrate the 70th anniversary of your Independence. He is celebrating it as the world’s largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies on earth.

He is celebrating it as the world’s largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies on earth.

Through his own company, entrepreneurship and hard work, the people of India have taken more than 130 million citizens out of poverty, a remarkable improvement, and I know that it will continue to grow under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

You are all helping India’s middle class achieve its goal of almost 500 million people by the year 2030. New universities have been opened throughout the country. Your doctors and scientists are discovering medical cures and technologies that save lives. Its engineers and architects have built modern wonders that adorn its skies. And the Indian spacecraft has traveled to the Moon and Mars.

The people of India inspire us all.

This is the first time that India organizes the Global Summit of Entrepreneurs. It is a symbol of the strengthened friendship between our two peoples, and the growing economic and security partnership between our two nations. As President Trump said earlier this year: India has a true friend in the White House.

I would like to thank the State Department for co-hosting this incredible meeting. I also want to thank Governor Narasimhan and all the elected Indian officials who are here tonight for welcoming us to their beautiful country.

It is wonderful to be in this ancient city overflowing with transformative technology; Now, its technology centers can even outshine its world-famous Biryani.

CEOs like Satya Nadella from Microsoft went to school here in Hyderabad. Just a few kilometers away, the new T-hub facilities will begin next year and will become the largest incubator in Asia.

In this “City of Pearls”, the greatest treasure is YOU: the dreamers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who never give up, never abandon their aspirations and always fight for a better future.

Today we gather to celebrate what is happening here in India, what is happening in the United States and around the world: entrepreneurs are revolutionizing our economies and improving our societies.

You are rewriting the rules.

You have the inspiration and drive to serve our communities through the projects you start and the companies you build.

You have the guts, the perseverance and the WILL to succeed.

Each of you started with an idea. He has worked long days and nights to code the next robot, create the next application, find the next cure and discover the next breakthrough to improve millions of lives.

Some may have tried to convince you that the risk is too great and the reward too small.

But you are here today because you are not afraid of failing. You want to POSSESS your future.

So, before going any further, I want to congratulate you for everything you have already achieved.

And especially I want to congratulate the women entrepreneurs here today.

This year’s Summit focuses on a key issue for our future: WOMEN FIRST, PROSPERITY FOR EVERYONE. I am proud that, for the first time, women constitute the majority of the 1,500 entrepreneurs selected to attend.

Only when women have the power to prosper; our families, our economies and our societies will reach their maximum potential.

As a former employer, employer and executive in a male-dominated industry, I have seen first-hand that, all too often, women must do more than their male counterparts to prove their worth at work and, at the same time, take disproportionately careful of their families at home.

After my father’s election, I saw the opportunity to leave my business for the privilege of serving our country and empowering all Americans, including women, to succeed.

Our administration is promoting policies that allow women to continue their careers and care for their families, policies that enhance the development and training of the workforce, and policies that raise governmental barriers and foster entrepreneurship so that Americans can convert their dreams. in his incredible legacies.

In the last decade, women have made great strides in starting new businesses.

Globally, between 2014 and 2016, business activity among women increased by 10 percent.

In the United States, in the last decade, the number of companies owned by women has grown by 45 percent. Even more promising, minority women have started almost 8 out of 10 new businesses owned by women.

Today, more than 11 million women in the United States own businesses. They employ nearly 9 million workers and generate more than $ 1 trillion in revenue.

Many women become enterprising and create jobs out of necessity: some did not receive the flexibility they needed at work to take care of their families. Others lacked professional sponsors or were not given a fair chance at a promotion.

Instead, women, like many who are here today, are charting their own courses and achieving incredible feats.

Feeding the growth of companies run by women is not only good for our society, but also good for our economy. A study estimates that closing the gender entrepreneurship gap around the world could increase our global GDP by up to 2 percent.

The women in this room can help lead the way to closing this gap and usher in a new era of greater prosperity.

However, despite the rising rate of women entrepreneurs, women still face obstacles to start, own and grow their businesses.

We must ensure that women entrepreneurs have access to capital, access to networks and mentors, and access to fair laws.

In developing countries, 70 percent of small and medium enterprises owned by women do not have access to capital. The result has been an annual credit deficit of almost $ 300 billion for women entrepreneurs in the developing world.

In the United States, a Harvard Business Review report found that investors ask men questions about their profit potential, while asking women questions about their potential for loss. This could partly explain why women entrepreneurs received less than 3 percent of venture capital funds in 2016.

When it comes to networking and mentoring, approximately half of women in the United States say they have difficulty finding a mentor.

However, mentoring is critical to success. Entrepreneurs need professional guidance to help them start and grow their businesses.

In the United States, we are promoting mentoring through programs such as SCORE, a national initiative in which successful men and women train those who wish to become their own CEOs.

And when it comes to fair laws, while many developed and developing countries have made enormous progress, much remains to be done.

In some countries, women can not own property, travel freely or work without the consent of their husbands. In even more countries, the cultural and family pressure is so great that women do not feel the freedom to work outside the home.

Our Administration strives to promote greater opportunities for women around the world, both through our internal reforms and our international initiatives.

This summer, at the G20 conference, the United States was a founding member of a bold new initiative with the World Bank: the Women Entrepreneurs Financial Initiative, or WeFi. This service provides access to capital, networks and mentors for women in developing countries.

WeFi is the first facility to support women entrepreneurs on this scale, and we anticipate that it can leverage more than $ 1 billion dollars in and on. This service also seeks legal and regulatory barriers that limit opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

Over the past decade, USAID has promoted women’s entrepreneurship through a series of programs, including the provision of microfinance loans for women on the Internet and women in Nigeria and Kenya.

USAID Administrator Mark Green is with us here today. I want to thank him and the entire US delegation. UU For his tireless work to improve the lives of millions, both nationally and abroad.

In addition, as everyone can attest, this Summit is another example of an EE initiative. UU It connects entrepreneurs from all over the world with investors who believe in their mission and who defend their success.

I want to thank the business leaders of the USA. UU UU Who has traveled to Hyderabad for this inspiring event. I also want to congratulate the more than 350 people who have been selected to be here with us to represent the brightest talent in the United States.

At home, our administration is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs through internal reforms.

In the last 11 months, we have expanded learning programs and prioritized STEM education to ensure that women and men have more opportunities to master the skills that drive progress in the 21st century.

We have drastically reduced job destruction laws, which affect the way they are proposed to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And we are focused on the laser to approve excessive tax cuts. This provides much-needed relief for working families and businesses of all sizes.

Also this year, for the first time, the President’s Budget included a proposal to establish a national program of family leave with pay.

We are committed to supporting women and men who work inside and outside the home.

When women work, it creates a unique multiplier effect. Women are more likely than men to hire women and dear access to capital, mentors and networks. Women are also more likely to reinvest their income in their families and communities.

Here in India, I want to applaud the prime minister. Modify by your firm belief that “the progress of humanity is incomplete with the empowerment of women”.

Just consider, if India closes the gender gap in the labor force by half, its economy could grow by more than $ 150 million over the next three years.

At the beginning this three-day summit, all of you here today, that can help us, learn new and new ways to eliminate barriers in our societies so that women can innovate, have the power to succeed and be able to leave our children a better future.

While we fight for change, we must never forget that the hope for our future is much greater than any governmental person: the source of our success lies in the spirit, drive and talent of our people.

Here with us today from San Francisco is Dara Dotz. Dara spent more than a decade working in underserved communities around the world. He witnessed first hand many people who were looking for very simple items: a bucket to transport water, a splint to treat an injury or a piece to repair a generator. Dara co-founded Field Ready to provide life-saving supplies for 3-D printing. Today, Dara’s company responds to disasters around the world and delivers humanitarian aid with state-of-the-art technology.

Through its innovative solutions, Dara is saving lives and giving hope to miles of communities. Thanks, Dara. Please get up.

Rajlakshmi Borthakur joins us from Bangalore, India.

When her son began to have seizures at a young age, he decided to create his own solution to better control his health. She invented an intelligent glove that predicts, manages and detects different diseases and effects using Artificial Intelligence.

Now his company, Terra Blue, aims to make specialized medical care accessible in the most remote parts of India.

Rajlakshmi: your courage and determination are really remarkable. Please get up.

Also here with us today is Reyhan Camalova from Azerbaijan. Reyhan is 15 years old. But that will not prevent you from founding a company that uses rainwater energy.

Reyhan has a powerful motto: “Light one house at a time.” Reyhan, every house you light illuminates the world. We are all inspired by his brilliance and hard work. Thank you. Please get up.

These women represent the vision, ambition and determination of every entrepreneur here today.

You are saving lives, creating jobs and giving hope to our communities. It is transforming our societies into one company and one client at a time.

You show the world that we have the power to overcome the challenges of our day: to start new roads and leave our mark at this moment in history.

Just think how much better our world will be if ALL of us, men and women, have the power to dream big, aim high and work together towards a more just and prosperous future. A future in which all mothers and fathers can work hard and build a better life for their families, where all children can go to school, discover their talents and pursue their ambitions, and where people from all nations can live and work among them in dignity and peace.

This is the future we can build together.

And this is the promise of the visionaries gathered here today.

Thank you.

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