WhatsApp group admins to get more power, ability to restrict messages from other members

Whatsapp Updates: Of Late, WhatsApp feature has become a powerful tool for users. But despite the fact that millions of WhatsApp users; use groups to conduct private, social and professional conversations, WhatsApp groups have also been subject to abuse analysis, especially in countries like India. Now, it seems that WhatsApp hopes to bring some controls and balances to their group function. A new report says that the company expects WhatsApp group administrators to be alert to messages sent by group members.

According to WABetaInfo, a website that often filters out new WhatsApp features based on the beta versions of the application, the messaging application is coming out with a new feature called Restricted Groups. This feature will allow a group administrator to start a WhatsApp group that will only grant some privileges to the members.

According to reports, the restricted groups allow the administrators of the WhatsApp group to approve a message before it is published in the group. It will also allow them to restrict a member’s participation in the discussions without expelling the person from the group if the administrators consider that a member has abused the group’s function.

Latest¬†Whatsapp Updates –¬†2.17.430 version of WhatsApp

The WABeta news report says that the Restricted Groups feature already part of the 2.17.430 version of WhatsApp that sent to the Google Play store for approval.

In countries like India, where WhatsApp groups are very popular and are used by families for personal conversations; as well as by large companies for work, they have gained notoriety for the dissemination of false, unfounded or sensational information. According to reports, the groups have also allowed people to spread malicious and / or hateful messages; as well as violence and rape videos.

The problem has become so great that, in some cases; police and law enforcement agencies have issued notifications; that they will hold WhatsApp group administrators responsible if illegal messages, videos or images are shared in a group.

2.17.430 version of WhatsApp Features

The Restricted Groups feature can not solve the problems associated with WhatsApp groups; but it can give sufficient power to the group administrators to contain the incorrect information. And as we have heard it again and again, with great power comes a great responsibility. Then, once the administrators of the WhatsApp group have the tools to verify the wrong information and the dishonest members; they can also asked to keep the group clean. That said, another big problem that WhatsApp groups have is not going to be solved with the latest update.

This problem is the ability of any person to create a group and add someone, without their permission. You can always leave the group when you have added it to one; but before your numbers added, permission not requested. This not only allows a widespread SPAM on WhatsApp, but it is also an unnecessary nuisance for many; especially in a country like the India, where getting people’s phone numbers is quite easy. It may be in future updates, after version 2.17.430 of Whatsapp Updates, the Facebook-owned chat application will also solve this problem.

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