Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Dead In Car Accident At Pune Is HOAX! Here’s The Reality Behind That News Which Is Going Viral

We all know what the real news is these days, you must make sure of what you are reading and the news you are reading, there is no authentication on basic social networking platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and it is in the hands of people if it is extended. or the prevalence of false news ends.

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Before, we recognized the false news about the Indian actress Aishwarya Rai and this time, it is the popular turn of Yoga Guru-Baba Ramdev, certain media channels and websites started spreading false news mentioning the death of Baba Ramdev. They even brought certain images of the accident in which Baba is seen. However, there are three different images and only one of them has Baba looking unconscious.

When you get to the details, this news affects especially the graphics in the threads of Facebook and WhatsApp. Surprisingly, along with the images, a message circulating on WhatsApp, that yoga guru along with four other people had been injured in a car accident while traveling from Pune to the Mumbai highway.

In one of the photos, Babaji is seen on a stretcher and crashed next to him. These disturbing images undoubtedly disappointed all supporters and followers of Ramdev. But people must realize that this is false and these images of the accident that Baba met in 2011.


After recognizing this false news, one of the road control officials rejected the news saying: An official told DNA: “There has been no such incident on the Mumbai-Pune highway.” The messages are fake The viral ones of the damaged car and Baba Ramdev that are taken on a stretcher are from 2011 when the yoga guru was taken to a hospital in Bihar after an accident.

“There have been no such incidents on the Mumbai-Pune highway, the messages are false The viral images of the damaged car and Baba Ramdev taken on a stretcher are from 2011 when the yoga guru was taken to a hospital in Bihar after an accident” .
Meanwhile, after recognizing this false news, Baba himself took control of Twitter urging his followers not to believe in false news, he said:


“He took yog shivir from thousands of yogis in Haridwar today, I am safe and healthy, do not believe in any rumor.” – Tweet of Baba Ram Dev

Whatever it is, it’s time for people to stop spreading this type of news. Unfortunately, a lot of deceptive content has already been published in the news portals.

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